Is My Child Psychic?

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Professionals are often asked, “How do I know if my child is psychic or just having a singular encounter?”

Parents of a child who sees or has seen ghosts might be thrilled to discover that their child is psychic, or they might be disturbed by that knowledge.

A onetime ghostly event can be triggered by several stressors, like drinking aspartame in diet soda, food allergies, emotional intensity or overload, an emotionally toxic home environment, physical or mental abuse, or night terrors. An adrenal overload of the stress hormone cortisol can activate the temporal lobe, the part of the brain associated with psychic activity. A onetime sighting may also be a crisis apparition, experienced by adults and children alike after the death of someone close to them.

If a child has a one-time event, does this mean a child could have other events? Possibly.

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Dr. Drewes is currently the Director of Clinical Training at a large non-profit multi-service child and family mental health agency in the Hudson Valley, north of New York City. Dr. Drewes is the senior author, with Dr. Sally A. Drucker, of the reference work, Parapsychological Research with Children: An Annotated Bibliography. She is also the co-editor and chapter author of five books on play therapy.